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Fundamental Physiology, Center for Metabolic Health, Boulder, CO Dr. Gina Honeyman, Boulder, Denver CO

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FunPhysio offers a variety of services so you and Dr. Honeyman can find solutions to your health problems. We realize that people have different needs and do our best to serve everyone. Our services include:

  • Metabolic Rehabilitation
  • Metabolic Evaluations
  • Telephone Consultations
  • Lab testing for local and long-distance clients

People often begin with a telephone consultation to be sure they are a good candidate for metabolic rehab before scheduling an appointment for metabolic evaluation. As another way to help you make an informed decision, Dr. Honeyman will review, at no cost, your Initial Evaluation Forms. She will let you know via email if you are likely to benefit from her services. You can fax, email as pdf files, or snail mail the forms to FunPhysio. Please feel free to call FunPhysio at 303.413.9100 if you have any questions.

Initial Evaluation Forms

Metabolic Rehabilitation

Metabolic rehabilitation is an integrative approach to recovering health for people with fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, thyroid hormone resistance, and neuroendocrine disruption. Metabolic rehab often begins with your metabolic evaluation at FunPhysio. Some people are already using thyroid hormone supplementation and need expert guidance in their treatment process.

Metabolic Evaluation

Metabolic evaluation includes:

  • Indirect calorimetry to measure your resting metabolic rate (RMR)
  • Exhaled carbon dioxide and heart rate variability are measured during your resting time prior to RMR measurement
  • Bioelectric impedance to measure your body composition
  • Blood pressure lying down and standing up
  • Algometer exam
  • Achilles reflex evaluation
  • Review of your health history

How to Prepare for Your Metabolic Evaluation

There are two options for scheduling your metabolic evaluation.

First, you can schedule a 4-hour appointment. By the end of this appointment you will have an individualized treatment plan and a solid foundation of information so you know how to begin safely and effectively improving your health. This extended visit is especially helpful for patients who come to FunPhysio from out-of-state or other countries. This is likely to be the only face-to-face meeting with Dr. Honeyman. Local patients are always welcome to schedule the 4-hour visit. In addition to the metabolic evaluation this visit includes:

  • Detailed discussion of your health history
  • Interpretation of your lab test results
  • Extensive education on how to individualize the metabolic rehab protocol to fit your preferences and abilities
  • Learning the simple and essential systematic data collection for monitoring your responses so you can recover as quickly as possible. (TSH levels cannot tell us if you're on your best type and amount of thyroid hormone supplementation.)

Second, you can schedule a 2-hour appointment for the metabolic evaluation only. With this structure, you will schedule a follow-up consultation to discuss your exam findings, lab test results, and learn how to fully engage in metabolic rehab. Patients who are already working with metabolic will often schedule a 2-hour visit for rechecks on RMR and the other measurements.

Follow-up Care

You are always welcome to return to FunPhysio for consultations or metabolic evaluation check-ups to discuss your progress and review your monitoring data. Many people find it more convenient to follow-up through scheduled telephone consultations. Please fax or email (as pdf files only) your monitoring forms ahead of your consultation so Dr. Honeyman has the information to review with you to and make recommendations for your next steps to take in recovering your health.

Telephone Consultations

Some people are not able to come to FunPhysio for an evaluation and telephone consultations are their best option. Many people have been able to recover or at least significantly improve their health with the information that they learn in the consultations. The purposes of telephone consultations are:

  • Reviewing your health history and lab test results
  • Educating you about thyroidology, adrenal fatigue, nutrition, exercise, and general health issues
  • Providing guidance to you and your other physicians
  • Making sure you understand how to work with the metabolic rehab protocol
  • Ordering lab tests and interpretation of results

Prior to your telephone consultation you will need to fill out a Telephone Consult Agreement Form.Please print a copy, sign it, and send it to FunPhysio via fax, email as a pdf file, or snail mail. This is similar to the "Informed Consent" forms you fill out when you go to a new doctor's office. It's also helpful if you will send a health history and relevant lab test results.

Please call 303.413.9100 and Dr. Honeyman's assistant will be glad to answer your questions and schedule your appointment. You can also email the clinic at info@funphysio.com.

Lab Tests for Local or Long-Distance Clients

Dr. Honeyman can order lab tests for you including standard blood tests and functional medicine tests such as salivary Adrenal Stress Index. There are very few exceptions depending upon states' laws. Please call or email for more information.


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